Concrete Water proofing



A common symptom in the Gold Coast region is Concrete Cancer, however, this can sometimes be a small part of the issue. It may be caused by water infiltrating the concrete and reacting with the reinforcing steel. 

Condok implements a reinforcing technique of waterproofing to prevent the issue from repeating. With extensive experience and being considered leaders in the region for Concrete Cancer and remedial concrete work.

Condok undergo extensive substrate investigation to choose from a number of methods to move forward with, including,

  • Liquid membranes
  • Torch on membranes
  • Loose layered sheet membranes
  • Hypalon bandages
  • Tanking membranes
  • “Negative waterproofing” through injection
  • Applied chemical solutions



Long term savings

Clients are able to enjoy long term savings by proofing their structures against further and future damage lowering future maintenance and repairs.


Extensive experience

Condok have a long history in the Gold Coast and extensive experience with remedial concrete work.


Transparent quotes

Condok is happy to provide photos and evidence to support quoting and transparency.

Whats wrong with high impact tools?

Ultra High Preassure Hydro Blasting nagates common issues with microfissureomicrofractures, these can compromise the strength of the structure, creating long term promblems. Hyrdo Demolition leaves a perfectly course substrate for bonding and free of any contaminants. 

How common in UHP Hydro Blasting

Being a faster, more affordable and environmentally friendly option compared to abrasive blasting, it is a common practice in,

● Mininindustries

● Wateinfrastructure

● Sewerage

● Oiangas

● RoadanBridges

● Construction

How can UHP Hydro Blasting assist with surface preparation

UHP can remove with between 15,000 to 36,000 psi,

● Glues

● Contaminants

● Corrosion

● Epoxcoatings

● Membrane

● Paints

This can create a perfect surface to build upon. It can also ensure a perfectly white steel reinforcement which is required if coating is involved.