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High pressure cleaning

High pressure cleaning is the perfect solution to clean surfaces in an efficient and thorough manner. Water blasting services can remove dirt and unwanted materials from surfaces and structures. In particuarly hard to clean environments, such as bridges, large buildings, manufacturing facilities and drainage systems, water blasting is a favourable option because of its efficiency and power. 

Using high pressure blasting of water can be scaled depending on the need of the project, the water pressure can be scaled depending on the difficulty of build-up that is present. This is done through the specially designed nozzle on the water guns.


Improve appearance

Improve the cosmetic appreance of your business with high pressure cleaning.

Environmentally friendly

High pressure water blasting removes the need for excessive checmicals.


Experts in the field

Minimal impact to your business, choose a team that can work in a timely and professional manner. 


Key Advantages 

Reduce chemical usage

Due to the nature of high pressure blasting, this can remove the need or lessen the need for chemicals in the cleaning process.




Manual methods can be time consuming, while high pressure blasting can be substantially more time effective. This efficiency means less time cleaning and less downtime.


Better results

High Pressure blasting will deliver superior results to surfaces and residue, from staining, moss and graffiti to grease and oil. Pressured water will deliver a cleaner end result, due to the power of the equipment at the clients disposal.

Industrial cleaning

Why Choose Condok Remedial

Condok Remedial provides an industrial cleaning solution that is supported by a history of knowledge in Ultra-High Pressure blasting, from Hydro Demolition to Surface preparation. To learn more about how we can assist on your project, talk to us today.

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For general building services, that are not specific to remedial works, visit our partner, Solace Building Service.