Hydro Demolition of Concrete using UHP

Ultra High Pressure Blasting

Hydro Demolition

Hydro demolition is the process of removing concrete using Ultra-High pressure blasting, It has become commonly accepted in Australia as the leading method to effectively remove concrete, for a variety of reason, due to the accuracy, efficiency and safety advantages. 

Also known as ‘Hydro Blasting’ or ‘Water jetting’ Hydro Demolition can refer to hand held ‘guns’ or robots that remove concrete through blasting water at 36,000 + PSI. 

This process applies to a variety of situations, and can be utilised on bridges, commercial structures, tunnels, industrial buildings and more.


Enables restoration

Surface preparation with Hydro techniques can enable you to improve the long term integrity and prevent future repairs.

Accurate and precise

Provide accurate results so that you can best retain existing structures, saving time and money.


Environmentally friendly

Minimal impact on surrounding areas, due to lack of debris and dust being dispersed.


See it in action

Below are some videos from recent projects in Burleigh Esplanade, QLD and Hope Harbour Town, QLD.


Robotic Hydro Demolition

Robotic Ultra high pressure blasting is the next step Condok Remedial has taken to improve the safety and efficiency of projects. Demolition robot Jetframe NALTA is the most versatile UHP robot on the market. The robot is customisable to accommodate almost all shapes and sizes, and can even be used under water for applications in tidal areas, as well as curved surfaces.

Jetframe NALTA robot runs on an X & Y axis and is controlled by a remote control.



Why Choose Hydro Demolition

Accurate and precise

Many projects require precise concrete removal, and accuracy in demolition. This is possible with Hydro Demolition, due to the nature of Ultra-High Pressure blasting. No stress fractures are produced, unlike other methods of concrete removal, while also operators can be more precise in what they wish to remove. 


Due to the nature of the process, UHP Blasting uses water, and doesn’t raise other complications, such as creating dust, unwanted sparks in the concrete removal process or the noise pollution commonly associated with other methods. This enables minimal disruptions to those on site, and in surrounding areas. Secondly, in volatile or at risk environments, that may have risks such as being flammable, Hydro Demolition provides a safer alternative. 

Enables future repairs

In the concrete removal process, future repairs must be considered. Hydro Demolition does not damage the steel reinforcement, while also enabling to be more considerate to the surface profile of the concrete for future bonding.


Hydro Demolition experts

Condok Remedial use a combination of techniques unique to the projects serviced. Having experience and access to both handheld and Robotic Hydro Demolition equipment, Condok Remedial can be engaged for complex projects and choose a solution that works most effectively for you. 

Our operators are experienced specialists in Ultra-High pressure blasting and are trained to assess the best approach for a project, and operate all UHP blasting machinery effectively and safely, resulting in minimal disruption to your project, with the best quality results.

What's wrong with high impact tools?
Ultra High Preassure Hydro Blasting negates common issues with microfissureomicrofractures, these can compromise the strength of the structure, creating long term promblems. Hyrdo Demolition leaves a perfectly course substrate for bonding and free of any contaminants. 
How common is UHP Hydro Blasting
Being a faster, more affordable and environmentally friendly option compared to abrasive blasting, it is a common practice in,

● Mininindustries

● Wateinfrastructure

● Sewerage

● Oiangas

● RoadanBridges

● Construction

How can UHP Hydro Blasting assist with surface preparation
UHP can remove with between 15,000 to 36,000 psi,

● Glues

● Contaminants

● Corrosion

● Epoxcoatings

● Membrane

● Paints

This can create a perfect surface to build upon. It can also ensure a perfectly white steel reinforcement which is required if coating is involved.

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