Hydro Demolition and surface preparation


Concrete removal

Hydro Demolition is apart of the process of removing a concrete structure, using high pressured water, leading to it also being known as “water jetting” or “hyrdo blasting.” It is the ideal way to remove concrete.

Hydro demolition is the preferred option among experts, because of its accuracy and ability to provide precision in removing areas of damaged concrete. The primary purpose is surface restoration and structure protection, it becomes necessary in cases of deterioration to remove areas that are not sound, and replace them to retain the integrity of the concrete.

Hydro demolition is vibration free and therefore does not create micro fractures and damage surrounding concrete. Aside from partial concrete removals, it is very suited for full removals due to creating minimal noise, dust and debris, along with being time effective.


Enables restoration

Surface preparation with Hydro techniques can enable you to improve the long term integrity and prevent future repairs.


Accurate and precise

Provide accurate results so that you can best retain existing structures, saving time and money.


Environmentally friendly

Minimal impact on surrounding areas, due to lack of debris and dust being dispersed.


Whats wrong with high impact tools?

Ultra High Preassure Hydro Blasting nagates common issues with microfissureomicrofractures, these can compromise the strength of the structure, creating long term promblems. Hyrdo Demolition leaves a perfectly course substrate for bonding and free of any contaminants. 

How common in UHP Hydro Blasting

Being a faster, more affordable and environmentally friendly option compared to abrasive blasting, it is a common practice in,

● Mininindustries

● Wateinfrastructure

● Sewerage

● Oiangas

● RoadanBridges

● Construction

How can UHP Hydro Blasting assist with surface preparation

UHP can remove with between 15,000 to 36,000 psi,

● Glues

● Contaminants

● Corrosion

● Epoxcoatings

● Membrane

● Paints

This can create a perfect surface to build upon. It can also ensure a perfectly white steel reinforcement which is required if coating is involved.