Robotic Ultra High Pressure Blasting


Robotic Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Blasting

Robotic Ultra-High Pressure blasting for surface preparation is another way to enhance the UHP blasting process. Robotic UHP tools has the advantages of Ultra-High Pressure blasting, including the environmental, cost and time benefits. But Robotic UHP is a system that can remove coatings at a rate of 70 m2/h, while also collecting waste, leaving a clean surface. 

This advancement has led to more complex projects, on curved surfaces being undertaken, this can apply to projects such as industrial tanks, ships and more.  


Improves efficiency

Robotic method improves the efficiency of UHP blasting, as opposed to manual lancing in surface preparation .


Scale of projects

Condok Remedial can work on large scale industrial surface preparation projects, utilising robotic technology over manual hand lancing.

See it in action

Below are some videos from recent projects in Burleigh Esplanade, QLD and Hope Harbour Town, QLD.


Robotic Ultra-High Pressure Hydro demolition

Robotic Hydro Demolition removes concrete without causing cracks or damaging reinforcement. This jetframe approach removes manual hand lancing, and increases the safety as well as efficiency for the hydro demolition process. 

To improve the process of Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) blasting Demolition robot Jetframe NALTA is the most versatile UHP robot on the market. The robot is customisable to accommodate almost all shapes and sizes, and can even be used under water for applications in tidal areas, as well as curved surfaces.



Advanced features

Utilising Robotic Hydro demolition, means that additional features are now available to more complex projects. 

– Underwater operation

– Robot can climb on scaffolding pipes

– Access small areas due to sizing

Increase production

Due to minimal downtime, no rest between session and operation handeled from a distance, the NALTA robot is able to increase the productivity of Hydro demolition and deliver more timely results. 


Safety is aalways a priority for Condok Remedial, and when dealing with High Pressure blasting, utilising the NALTA robot now means that additional measures can be taken as operation is remote for operators. 

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