Concrete Surface Preparation

Concrete Surface Preparation

Surface preparation & Industrial Coating

Surface preparation is the process of clearing material for restoration and coating. This can include a variety of materials, such as stone, wood and steel. In order to create an effective bond, the surface must be clear before an industrial coating can be applied.  

Using Ultra-High Pressure Blasting surface preparation can be made simple, effectively removing common layers such as 2 PAC, epoxy, polyurethane and paint. Depending on the needs of the projects, Surface preparation can range from under 5,000psi to over 25,000psi to effectively strip materials. 


See it in action

Below are some videos from recent projects in Burleigh Esplanade, QLD and Hope Harbour Town, QLD.


Why choose UHP Surface Preparation?

Condok Remedial favours the use of Ultra-High Pressure blasting to best perform surface preparation, as it allows other activities to continue, it is dustless in nature and it provides more contaminants than using other methods such as abrasive blasting.

Soluble salts and other contaminants can be trapped on the surface, which results in less thorough bonding. UHP also has the distinct advantage of maintaining the peaks and texture of the surface, not flattening, which is a feature of abrasive blasting.


More cost effective

Abrasive blasting is higher in costs, partly due to the need to collect, contain and remove waste, in this case being the abrasive. Using water blasting, lowers the cost of surface preparation, without sacrificing the quality of the work. 

Environmentally friendly

Environmental considerations are becoming a larger part of decision making in the building industry, and Ultra-High pressure water blasting is featured due to the minimal environmental impact it has. It does not pollute the air and minimises waste products, which are both now considerations for many builders. 

Better results

Producing a high quality surface preparation means that coatings will last. Ultra-High pressure blasting leaves the original surface profile intact, with corrosion products and contaminants removed for the surface. 


Why choose Condok Remedial

Condok Remedial have extensive experience working onsite, having access to leading technology in Ultra-High Pressure Blasting, including Robotic UHP. As subject matter experts, Condok Remedial are able to consult on complex projects, utilising an experienced team to provide clients with the best knowedlege in the field. 

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