The Esplanade, NSW

Concrete Remediation Project

Concrete remediation work done in Lennox Head for a commercial property. Suffering from concrete cancer, being a bayside apartment complex, remedial concrete work

The Esplanade is a 4 storey beach front building in Burleigh Heads. Built in the 1960’s, it has faced over half a century of harsh coastal conditions. The owners had previously engaged contractors to address ongoing concrete spalling issues, but these repairs were failing.

Condok were able to repair the many structural issue with the property, replacing stairwells and various points of severe concrete damage.

These sorts of structural issues are common in coastal reigons with older concrete structures. “Concrete Cancer” or concrete spalling as it is known is an issue that effects the structural integrity of the property, and therefore is of great concern to owners.

Burleigh Heads, NSW



Local experts

The strategy to remediate this issue was condensed into 3 options.

Option 1. Demolish the entire slab and rebuild from scratch.

Option 2. Install cathodic protection, which involves charging the steel reinforcement with an electrical charge to stop the rusting. This would be in the region of $1,500 per meters squared, plus, ongoing maintenance.

Option 3. Remove the 100mm of acidic concrete, once this was removed, reinstate with engineered concrete to support itself and the existing structure.


Cost and durability considered, Option 3 was the best way going forward.

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