Northcliff Terrace, QLD

Hydro Demolition Project

A commercial high needed attention to detail for concrete remediation work, involving multiple companies to identify, evaluate and execute the project. 

Berekley on the beach is a high rise apartment building situated in the heart of Surfers Paradise. 

Engineers performed structural diagnostics and engaged Condok to perform Concrete repair works. Originally thought to be minor issues, jackhammering large areas of concrete began to show extremely corrodied steel, and apparant steel pitting. This creates a point of weakness in the reinforcing, even if the pitting is not that deep. 

Pitting is a key indicator of Alcalai Silica Reaction, which after testing by an expert, the slab around the pool had signs of ASR. The concrete had become acidic and was starting to corrode the steel reinforcement, which was causing expansion of the steel, and then ‘delamination.’

Surfers Paradise, QLD



Local experts

The strategy to remediate this issue was condensed into 3 options. 

Option 1. Demolish the entire slab and rebuild from scratch.

Option 2. Install cathodic protection, which involves chargint eh steaal reinforcement with an electrical charge to stop the rusting. This would be in the reigon of $1,500 per meters squared, plus, ongoing maintenance. 

Option 3. Remove the 100mm of acidic concrete, once this was removed, reinstate with engineered concrete to support itself and the existing structure. 


Cost and durability considered, Option 3 was the best way going forward. 


The strategy to remediate this issue was condensed into 3 options.

Pictured is the damaged steel that was identified, this required an expert to identify, and Condok’s knowledge to ammend.

If you want to see some of the key ways to identify Concrete Cancer, find out more on ASR – see below.